The Barter Section and What's Involved

This section is to let visitors participate in Barter. By bartering my duplicate coins, artefacts or books
for coins that are of interest to me, we can enlarge our collections mutually with a closed bourse (exchange).

My interest is in the following:

* Coins of the town of Tiel from the 10th and 11th centuries
* Current Euros

The coins, objects and books I am offering have a current value shown next to them.
This value serves as guide for our trade. Eventual differences in value may be settled in euros.
If no barter material is available, the value may be settled in euros.
I am also prepared to pay in euro for the aforementioned material in case I cannot offer a suitable barter
object myself, but naturally I would prefer to barter. There are some items that I will barter only against
coins of Tiel; this will be mentioned next to the number.
This section does not show all the items I have for barter, so please feel free to contact me to find what
else I have available. If you have specific wants, I'll be glad to try and accommodate your wishes.

If You Wish to Barter, here's How:

For items offered for barter, the Status column says: For trade.
You send me an email with the Trade Number that you are interested in, giving a good description
of the item you wish to offer, preferably with a clear scan or photo.
Should several emails arrive for the same item, I will deal with the earliest arrived email first.
While the trade is under consideration, the Status column will show: Being traded.
If no trade can be completed with the first offeror, then I will consider the second email, and so on.
Once a trade is completed, the Status column will say: Traded, and the later offerors will be notified
that a trade has been made.

Shipment of Barter Items

The offeror pays his costs of shipping his item, just as I will pay the costs of my shipment.
I will only ship items for approval to persons known to me; items may be inspected by appointment.
If no trade comes about and the item goes to an interested party for current means of payment,
such party will bear the cost of shipping.
Barter items with a value in excess of 50 euros must be sent by registered mail or secure equivalent;
the coins must be durably packaged.
The sender of items not sent "Registered" (or secure equivalent) bears entirely the risk for lost items.

If A Trade Turns Sour

If it happens that an item arrives that does not meet expectations, it is expected that the parties
discuss the matter and try to find a solution. If a settlement is not possible, the trade will be reversed
and the items go back to the original owner and eventual costs will be accounted for.
I am expecting that all parties want to deal with the best of intentions.